Constitutional Law - With Study Guide and CD

Part of the John C. Klotter Justice Administration Legal Series
A leader in criminal justice education for more than 40 years, this popular, student-friendly text presents an up-to-date analysis of critical constitutional issues. Special attention is given to issues of greatest concern to criminal justice personnel - detention, arrest, search and seizure, interrogations and confessions, self-incrimination, due process, and right to counsel. Also includes constitutional aspects of criminal and civil liabilities of justice personnel, and constitutional and civil rights in the workplace.
Each chapter includes a chapter outline; a list of key terms and concepts, which are defined in a glossary; and diagrams and figures that highlight important points in the text.
Part II presents key, edited cases to assist in interpreting the constitutional provisions.
Study Guide The Student Study Guide starts with instruction on briefing cases. Each chapter's study tools are divided into objectives, scope and transition, discussion outline and open-ended review questions.

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